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#WinnerWednesday: PCH Prize Winners Love Their Emojis!

Greetings, fans and fans!

Happy #WinnerWednesday and … and happy World Emoji Day!

That’s right, while doing some quick research on PCHSearch&Win, I discovered that today, July 17, is World Emoji Day, a time to celebrate those cute little characters we add to our texts, social media posts and, as you fans know, comments here on the PCH Blog!

Why is July 17th World Emoji Day, you ask? The answer is simple: the emoji for a calendar is actually a calendar page that says July 17th!

PCH fans love their emojis – just take a look at our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. We’ve even posted a blog called “What Emoji Would You Be If You Won The PCH SuperPrize”!

And to celebrate World Emoji Day, I’d like to spotlight two winners of smaller PCH prizes.

Heath W. is a happy PCH winner of three prizes – $10, $10 and $5 – two of them this year alone. Heath says his heart races every time he opens an envelope with a PCH check inside. “I’m still looking for that vehicle to pull up with the Prize Patrol in it, ready to knock on my door,” he adds.

Heath tells me he tries to visit every possible PCH site in order to enter, “the sweepstakes, search, games and slots” – and he even enters by phone.

“I’m a multi-tasking person by nature,” he explains, “so sometimes I will have my phone or tablet on with the lotto app loaded, and enter there, while I’m entering sweepstakes on the PC. I consider it a way to get in some serious entry time between doing other work.”

Heath’s relationship with PCH goes back to the early 1970s when he helped his parents enter the “snail mail sweepstakes,” as he calls it. His mother is now 93 and Heath is now her caregiver. “She remembers her PCH days very well, and really enjoys pressing the ‘enter now’ buttons on the PCH app, while crossing her fingers and saying a prayer with a smile,” says Heath. “She believes that I will win someday and has dreamed about it also.” 

Rebecca M., who was featured on several #WinnerWednesday blogs, including a post this past May, has since won three more prizes — $100, $10 and a $10 Amazon gift card!

“I try to enter every way possible,” says Rebecca. “And I hope to win a life-changing prize. I will keep trying until hopefully someday (the sooner the better) I do. In it to win it! In the meantime I hope I keep winning smaller prizes, they are very helpful.”

Fans and friends, If you can relate to Heath and Rebecca’s stories … if you’ve won a PCH prize … if you’d like to win a PCH prize … or if you simply wish to say “hi,” comment below … and add as many emojis as you like! And don’t forget to keep the faith and stay in it to win it!

Again, Happy World Emoji Day!

Good Luck!

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

P.S. Do you practice positive thinking? Then come back to the PCH Blog this afternoon and read Jane’s post for what’s sure to be a positive experience!

P.P.S. PCH is so excited that the PCH Prize Patrol is on The View this week! Did you catch yesterday’s episode? Don’t worry, they’re back tomorrow morning with a brand new episode!

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