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Every Day Is a New Day to Enter & Win Big

Good afternoon PCH people!!!

Everyone’s always excited about winning the PCH Big Check, but do you know that we award exciting PCH prizes every day? In fact, just today we awarded a brand new Lincoln MKC worth $45,965 to lucky winner James Price! Check out this morning’s blog for the exciting details! We award several luxury cars every year, so rev up your engines and be on the lookout for the next amazing PCH Rewards Car Giveaway!

That’s right. Every day is a new day to enter PCH prizes and win big. We work hard here at PCH headquarters to make sure of that! We never stop thinking about new ways to give away prizes … and so YOU shouldn’t stop entering for a chance to win!

Only the best for PCH FANS!

There are hundreds of PCH employees currently hard at work putting things in place for you to win! We keep the prizes coming! That means we’ll be awarding more prizes tomorrow … and the day after … and the day after that!

We are always adding new prizes to the list, both big prizes like our “Forever” Prize and smaller prizes to keep the fun and excitement going. We not only have cash prizes, but you can win awesome merchandise and gift cards by redeeming tokens for a chance to win, too! In 2018 alone, PCH awarded over $45,000,000. That’s over 629,000 PCH prizes, including 101 prizes of $10,000 or more — and ten of those prizes were for $1,000,000 or more. And this year is already proving to be bigger and better!

We love seeing YOU WIN!

We make sure we offer you fans out there fun and exciting ways to win PCH prizes every day! On the PCHFrontpage you have a chance to Win Instant Cash Prizes, rack up PCH Prize Tokens and even enter to win a big SuperPrize. Yup, that’s all in one place! On the PCH Android App you get double entries on every giveaway and double tokens on every game! If you’re a Facebook Fan, you can win instant cash prizes. There are so many ways to win, and we try hard to make sure you know about them all across our different properties. Don’t forget that every day is a new day to enter & win, and every entry has an equal chance of winning. So it makes sense to enter every chance you get!

Remember, dedication and consistency are key. Stay in it to win it. YOU GOT THIS!

Your girl,
Tamara G
PCH Creative Intern

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